Hep C U Later – a National Health Service (NHS) Addiction Misuse Providers Alliance (NHSAPA) System-Wide Partnership Approach to Eliminating Hepatitis C (HCV)

Author: Louise Hansford Simon Morton Victoria Holden

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2021

Background: The NHSAPA is an alliance of 17 NHS Trusts providing substance misuse services (SMS) across England. Our reach extends to over 30,000 current and previous drug injectors across community drug service with contracts aligning with 17 of the 22 ODNs. APA members provide SMS services to approximately 35% of all drug and alcohol service users engaged in the English treatment system with strong links between providers. 2019 UAM data shows there is no indication of a reduction in numbers of new HCV infections over recent years, including those who have recently started injecting. By forming a system-wide partnership to address and eliminate hepatitis C (HCV) we have driven the implementation of the innovation necessary to better address the needs of this patient cohort and can support more than 6,000 additional patients into care. Description of model of care/intervention: By working in partnership we can increase substance misuse services staff awareness and training ensuring each service has an effective HCV treatment pathway. We have highlighted the need for testing/retesting and supported services to access novel ways of doing this, including consistent disease notification to Public Health England. Through this network we have increased engagement from the NHS and encourage adoption of best practice pathways where providers work with third sector partners. Data is collected monthly to assess effectiveness. Effectiveness: Hep C U Later has an innovation fund and services and has initiated award-winning projects such as ‘Pop Up’ Clinics and Emergency Department testing. Communication between partners has accelerated and strong system-wide partnerships formed. Data completeness exercises have taken place and results collated Conclusion and next steps: Effective communication between partners and having solid system-wide partnerships has enabled us to work together to enhance data, target those who need testing and share best practice, enabling us to eliminate HCV across services. Disclosure of Interest Statement: This project has been supported through an Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) ‘Joint Working’ initiative between Gilead Sciences Ltd. and Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

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