Advocating for change

Providing equitable access to treatment and care is an important part of improving the health of people who use drugs. But alone, it’s not enough. People who use drugs need a supportive environment free of discrimination. 

Our advocacy work gives a voice to this community, providing a safe space to share their stories. By speaking openly about the issues faced by people who use drugs, we aim to reduce stigma.

We also know that policies and strategies made by political leaders at all levels are crucial to improving the health of people who use drugs. Our advocacy work ensures political leaders, policymakers, and funders globally have access to the best evidence available to make informed decisions about drug user health.

Some of our advocacy projects 

Connecting with Care

Through powerful storytelling, Connecting with Care gives a voice to people affected by hepatitis C. By highlighting effective models of care, we learn from personal experience that the right support can make all the difference.   

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INHSU Africa 2020

At this historic meeting, an African Declaration was signed uniting policymakers, communities, and more to eliminate hepatitis C and improve the health of people who use drugs.

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INHSU/UNITE call for action

A Joint Action Policy Day held at the Portuguese National Parliament saw a global network of parliamentarians pledge to end infectious diseases as a global health threat.

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Contributing to Good Practice Guidelines

In our mission to facilitate knowledge exchange, we continually advocate for best practice through supporting the development and dissemination of clinical practice guidelines.

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The Change Project

Focused on access to hepatitis C treatment, The Change Project uses the power of film to share the stories of patients and health providers from around the world.

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Supporting WHO’s goal to end hepatitis C by 2030

We strongly support the frameworks of the Sustainable Development Goals and the WHO commitments to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030. Here’s how we can help.

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