Health Prevention Delegate : visiting general practitioners and pharmacists in the Pyrénées Atlantiques Area (France)

Author: Becker I., Maitre C., Daulouede Jp.

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2018

Background : In 2014, about 200 000 individuals were diagnosed HCV positive and an
estimated 74 000 individuals were undiagnosed for chronic HCV infection in France. In May
2016, France has provided universal access to HCV treatments and obtained treatments
price reductions. In France, most cases of use disorders are treated in private practice by
general practitioners and pharmacists, that have a very important role in screening and
treating or guiding individuals towards the specialized care system.
Description of model of care / intervention : The Health Prevention Delegate aims at
visiting every general practitioner and pharmacist of the Pyrénées Atlantiques and South of
Landes Area (about 880 000 inhabitants) at their office to give them information on drug use,
addictions, harm reduction and also infectious diseases linked to drug use. It has been set up
in the area in 2014 to support GP and pharmacists. In 2017, a special focus was made on
HCV screening and treating. The delegate gave specific information on HCV and its
treatment to every professional met.
Effectiveness : Since 2014, 996 visits have been done (449 in GP’s offices, 386 in
pharmacies and 181 in other professionals, mainly specialist practitioners, nurses,
psychologists).Visit duration was between 10 minutes and 1 hour. Visits were very well
accepted by professionals.
Conclusion and next steps : Face to face visits to key professionals can be a precious tool
to reach them and to promote HCV screening among their patients. Health prevention visits
have been developed to the whole Nouvelle Aquitaine Area and it would be very important
and relevant to implement those visits in the whole country, especially now that DAA
prescription will be given to GP.
Disclosure of interest statement : The conference collaborators recognize the
considerable contribution that industry partners make to professional and research activities.
We also recognize the need for transparency of disclosure of potential conflicts of interest by
acknowledging these relationships in publications and presentations.

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