INHSU 2023

17-20 October 2023

International Convention Centre, Geneva, Switzerland
+ virtual on-demand

The 11th International Conference
on Health and Hepatitis
in Substance Users

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Delegate wellbeing


Please see below our policy for COVID-19 as well as information on medical and harm reduction facilities. For further information regarding wellbeing facilities at INHSU 2023, please contact the Conference Secretariat  

COVID-19 Safety Policy

Attendees should not attend if they have tested positive for COVID or are feeling unwell and displaying COVID symptoms.

For those attending the INHSU 2023 Conference:

  • Mask-wearing will not be mandatory. However, there will be masks available at the conference registration
  • Hybrid option available. We have a flexible system so that you can transfer your in-person registration to virtual if you become unwell or if you feel uncomfortable about travelling and attending (note there are no charges or refunds for changes).
  • Contactless check-in/registration available
  • Hand sanitisation stations will be available throughout the venue


All attendees at the Conference will be required to comply with COVID safe guidelines and protocols in place at the conference venue, which will be aligned with Government health advice during this time.


Medical and Harm Reduction Facilities

INHSU is dedicated to promoting comprehensive and responsive health services and policies for people who use drugs around the world. INHSU is committed to ensuring our conference provides and facilitates appropriate care for all delegates who may have special healthcare needs, especially those people who use or have used drugs, or who are living with HIV or viral hepatitis.

All conference delegates should arrange their own health and travel insurance in advance of their trip to Geneva and should ensure that they carry it with them whilst at the conference.

All conference delegates who are undergoing any kind of medical treatment should bring their own medication in sufficient quantities to cover their treatment for the duration of their stay in Geneva.

All conference delegates undergoing any kind of medical treatment are advised to bring a medical record from their doctor (written in English) specifying their condition and the treatment they are receiving. This will make things easier in the event of unexpected circumstances, such as medication being mislaid or the need for urgent medical care.

Such a letter from your doctor and, if possible, a copy of the prescription in your name, will also verify your authorisation for these medications (should you be asked) upon arrival at the airport.

Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) can be provided by a local doctor in exceptional circumstances. If delegates require such treatment, they will be required to provide a certificate from their prescribing doctor, if possible less than a month old, giving the name of the treatment and the daily dosage. Please speak with the INHSU conference team if you need to use this service, and they will work with you to coordinate.

When Carrying Medication Abroad

  • You are advised to carry your medication in your hand luggage in non-breakable containers and if, in liquid form, with no more than 100ml in each
  • Please ensure you have a signed copy of your prescription and a doctor’s letter outlining your need for treatment (as above). We can provide a letter template for your doctor/clinic if required
  • Please keep your medication in its original packaging with labels left intact and name clearly defined


Services Available at the Conference

  • Basic medical treatment/first aid
  • Harm reduction services including the provision of injecting equipment and naloxone


For further information regarding wellbeing facilities at INHSU 2023, please contact the Conference Secretariat