Tracy Swan – board member

Consultant, New York

Tracy Swan Consultant, New YorkTracy Swan has worked on public health and social justice issues since 1990, when she began doing HIV-related work; in 1998 she became a hepatitis C activist. She has worked on a range of issues, including improving drug development and access to medicines, especially for people who use drugs, people living with HIV and people in low- and middle-income countries.

Ms. Swan has been an outreach worker, run an HIV counselling and testing program for homeless teenagers; designed an HCV education and case management program; done HIV and HCV treatment education at community health centres, hospitals, syringe exchange and addiction treatment programs, correctional facilities and homeless shelters.

She has worked for Treatment Action Group and the Medicines Sans Frontiers Access Campaign, served as a community representative to the FDA antiviral advisory committee and the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, and as a member of US and WHO hepatitis C treatment guidelines panels.